The Truth:

No one has to be off a leash, no one has to even behave. I use a long lens so I'm not even really close to you, I understand dogs, they don't always like people up in their business. I don't bring helpers or any other strangers to freak anyone out. It's just you, me and the dogs. You are welcome to bring helpers, people your dogs know already are the best helpers.

I remove the leash, harness and any other distractions in post processing, If needed I will create a completed photo from several separate photos so you have that perfect photo. It's all part of my detailed editing service included.

We always put the dogs first, what they will do, what they won't, we work around them. No plan is the best plan with a pet session. The less you stress, the less your pet will stress.

Each of my final images is hand picked and hand edited in a rich, colorful and bright style. Perfect for you to frame and enjoy.

Because we are working with dogs, there is a lot of editing involved. I may have to create a perfect image for you depending on how your dogs do at the session so you will not be choosing your final images before I edit. If you have any concerns about this, please message me before hand. I do basic editing on humans so you look your best too.

My sessions are all about your love for your pets. Your pets are the stars of your session always!

About 2-3 weeks after your session, you will relieve an online gallery of your final images, in a JPEG format, and high resolution for printing and sharing online.

**. My photos are heavily edited, if you are buying a session for someone else, please make sure they are okay with the way I edit. All photographers do their photos differently.